Horizon Investment Services


Introducing Horizon Investment Services, LLC

Formed in 1997, Horizon Investment Services ("Horizon") is registered as an investment advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission with offices in Hammond, Indiana. Horizon was established with the same high standards that are held by its sister company, Horizon Publishing Company, the publisher of Dow Theory Forecasts investment newsletter, which has been published every week since 1946.

  • Horizon Investment Services was formed in 1997 to provide subadvisory services for a mutual fund. In 2000, partly as a response to newsletter subscribers’ requests for assistance managing their assets, Horizon started its Separately Managed Account business.

  • We are a portfolio consultant to the Unit Investment Trust division of a major investment firm. UIT assets are invested in quantitative strategies developed by Horizon Investment Services. Strategies include sector-rotation, dividend, emerging market, and enhanced-index.

  • We are a consultant to a major index provider. 

  • Our research staff includes five analysts who earned the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) designation. We have six MBAs on staff (including two University of Chicago MBAs and one each from DePaul and Indiana) and one MA on staff (University of Missouri). 

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