Horizon Investment Services


Why Horizon Investment Services? — 401(k)

If your firm provides a retirement plan for employees, you likely already know the rewards and competitive advantage such a benefit provides. Helping your employees plan and work toward a financially-secure retirement could be a rewarding endeavor as a business owner. As a business owner, is the retirement plan you provide well-managed by qualified investment professionals?

Horizon Investment Services Is Independent
We are an independent investment advisor providing advisory services for retirement plans. Since we are paid by you, we are not beholden to any mutual fund family or brokerage firm for our fees. We will recommend the mutual funds for your plan that we believe make sense for you and your employees. Period.

Horizon Investment Services Is Accountable
You can speak directly to the investment decision makers that are choosing and monitoring your plan's investment options. Furthermore, you and your employees can reach us directly with any investment questions you may have regarding your plan.

Horizon Investment Services Selects Only Funds We Believe Are Appropriate
We will recommend the funds that we believe make sense for your plan. Our fund selection process takes into account such factors as fees (we are big believers that fees matter in terms of fund performance), consistency of performance, and longevity of fund managers. Our fund selections will seek to provide opportunities to properly diversify investment opportunities across a variety of "styles" - large-company stocks, small-company stocks, value stocks, growth stocks, foreign stocks, bond investments, and more.

Horizon Investment Services Provides Model Portfolios
We will recommend a series of asset allocation models for you and your employees that seek to fit a variety of investment objectives and investment time horizons. These models will provide specific allocations across the menu of funds chosen for the plan. In this way, your employees will be given information that they can apply to or modify for their particular situation.

Horizon Investment Services Continuously Monitors Your Funds
Once we have chosen the funds and model portfolios for your company, we will provide ongoing monitoring of the funds and allocations to make sure you and your employees have the opportunity to invest in the funds we believe are best suited for your plan and investment climate. Reasons for fund changes may include poor performance relative to its peer group, fund manager change, changes in fund expenses, or an undesirable shift in investment style.

Horizon Investment Services Communicates Clearly and Consistently
We will meet with you and your employees on a regular basis (we recommend twice a year) to discuss the current investment climate, educate your staff on the benefits of 401(k) plans, and answer questions about your plan. This educational component is an important part of our service. We will communicate with your employees in easy-to-understand language so they aren't intimidated by a subject about which they may be unfamiliar. In addition, you and your employees will receive a quarterly newsletter discussing the investment climate, changes in tax laws, investment strategies, proper asset allocation, and more.