Horizon Investment Services


Corporate 401(k) Advisory Services

Horizon Investment Services offers Corporate 401(k) Advisory Services for companies, regardless of size and number of participants. As a client of Horizon Investment Services you will receive:

Independent fund selection - We are not obligated to any mutual fund family or brokerage firm, so we can recommend any fund we deem appropriate for you and your employees' specific investment objectives.

Diversification - Being in the investment business for many years, we believe diversification is important. Our fund selections are designed to provide opportunities for your employees to diversify their investments over a variety of investment styles.

Asset allocation - The models developed for plan participants will be designed to maintain appropriate allocations to meet a variety of investment objectives and time horizons.

Investment education - This is an essential part of the investment process. We will conduct investment education sessions and provide you a quarterly newsletter with investment strategies, college savings tips, changes in tax laws, and more.

Constant monitoring - Your investments are our business. That's what we do. Your plan will receive constant monitoring to seek to ensure all funds are performing as expected. When they don't, we won't be shy about making a change.

Accessibility - We will be available to you and your employees for any questions you may have about your plan. You will meet face-to-face with the people making fund selections.

Accountability - You and your employees will receive quarterly statements and you, the employer, will receive a comprehensive year-end report showing performance, market outlook, recommendations, etc.